Managing Menopause, Perimenopause and Postmenopause
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Managing Menopause


WHAT ARE THE OPTIONS? Whether you choose conventional hormone replacement therapy or alternatives, or a combination of both, the general concepts of health—eating a nutritious diet, getting sufficient exercise and changing your lifestyle—are especially appropriate during the menopausal journey.


HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY (HRT) – Often prescribed to help with the symptoms of menopause, ERT, HRT or NHRT may have a number of benefits, such as preventing bone loss, but they also cause some side effects. Depending on your situation, you may decide to use hormones on a short-term basis, a longer-term basis, or not at all.


  What is HRT and Why would I need it?

  What Hormones are Used in HRT? and How is HRT Taken?

  About Estrogen

  About Progesterone

  Benefits, Risks and Side Effects of ERT, HRT, and NHRT

  HRT and Breast Cancer

  Androgens, SERMs and Other Drugs for Menopause

  Typical HRT Products

  Where to get Natural Hormones (Compounding Pharmacies)

  Articles by Contributing Experts (about DHEA, testosterone, thyroid and more)


ALTERNATIVES TO HRT – Some women cannot, or choose not, to take hormone replacement therapy (HRT). There are other choices.


  Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals

  Soy and Phytoestrogens




EXERCISE – Using stairs and increasing daily walking time are two of the best exercises we can do. Read more about general fitness and flexibility, breathing, tension release and ways to boost energy during perimenopause and menopause—including some specific exercises.


LIFESTYLE – Learn about some ways to handle anger, depression and stress, the importance of emotional support and the benefits of aromatherapy.















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