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Doctors' Corner at ProjectAWARE

We are pleased when medical doctors take the time to care, and we're happy to share ongoing articles by two of our favorite medical practitioners. To access the articles click on "Hormone Health" or "Wellness and You". If you are interested in Questions and Answers, click on "Q & A".


Dr. Baucom is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecoloy, Board Certified in AntiAging and Regenerative Medicine, and Certified in Wilson Therapy Temperature Syndrome. Age management medicine is an emerging field of medicine devoted to maintaining or enhancing the quality of life as we age. It does not prevent aging or necessarily lengthen our life, but rather qualifies and alters the way we age to enhance the quality of life as we age.

Age management medicine places emphasis on disease prevention versus disease treatment. Its medical protocols involve extensive initial laboratory baseline testing, hormone balancing, laboratory test monitoring, patient education, proper diet, nutritional supplementation and appropriate exercise. Visit Dr. Baucom's website here.

  WELLNESS AND YOU - Donald Michael, MD, PC

Dr. Michael is Board Certified in Psychiatry and Board Eligible in Neurology. He obtained his MD degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine then completed specialty training in Neurology and in Psychiatry. His practice is a patient-centered, humanistic, cost-effective, and honest approach to medicine. Interest in treating thyroid problems has naturally lead to a greater involvement in adrenal disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and natural hormone replacement for men and women.

He is a contributor to ProjectAWARE, and Mary Shomon's Thyroid Disease, where he is listed in Top Docs. During his 33 years of medical practice he has taught, lectured in the community, served as an expert witness in thyroid matters, and maintained a full time practice. Visit his website here.

  Q & A - Questions and Answers
  Visitors have written to ask their questions, and our medical contributors have provided some possible answers. This is the section where you can ask your questions.















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